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Partnerships and Intellectual Property

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Name, Description and Link Issuance / Grant Date Patent or Application Number State of Development Owning Institution Technology Area IP Tags Published? Changed View
Typical Arena design display. Electronic Circuit For Control Or Coupling Of Single Charges Or Spins And Methods Therefor

A quantum dot structure having a split-gate geometry is provided. The quantum dot is configured for incorporation into a quantum dot array of a quantum processing unit. A gap between a reservoir accumulation gate and a quantum dot accumulation……
10929769 Sandia National Laboratories Computing Controls, Fabrication Yes 11/21/22 view
Sandia Y junction microfabricated surface ion trap used to investigate ion shuttling through a junction of multiple trap linear segments (the “arms” of the Y) Microfabricated Ion Trap Chip With An Integrated Microwave Antenna

An ion trap chip, which may be used for quantum information processing and the like, includes an integrated microwave antenna.  The antenna is formed as a radiator connected by one of its ends to the center trace of a microwave transmission line……
10984976 Sandia National Laboratories Computing Fabrication, Trapped Ions Yes 11/21/22 view
Superconducting quantum processor A Superconducting Quantum Processor Unit – A More Efficient Architecture for Quantum Computing

Researchers at Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley have broadened the scope of scientific problems that are solvable by a Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) quantum processor unit (QPU) by enhancing qubit connectivity in addition to gate fidelity……
17/519,320 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Computing Superconducting Qubits Yes 11/03/22 view
QUASAR: Software-Hardware Interface Quantum Instruction Set Architecture (QUASAR)

A new ISA interface between the software program (quantum circuit) and hardware (generation of the gates). Designed as an extension to the RISC-V ISA. The design implementation relies on the basic functionalities of the conventional ISA, with a…
63/271,277 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Computing Algorithms, Controls Yes 11/03/22 view
Subject prepared for MEG measurement Atomic Magnetometer with Multiple Spatial Channels

An atomic magnetometer includes an atomic vapor cell, an optical system conformed to transmit pump radiation and probe radiation through the vapor cell, and an optical detection system arranged to receive and detect probe radiation after it exits……
9995800 Sandia National Laboratories Quantum sensing Magnetometer Yes 11/21/22 view